Sealant ,Tapes,Rivets Etc.

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Jetech Hand Riveter HR-101
A robust die-cast framed ,all steel mechanism hand riveter with comfortable,anatonic PVC anti-slip h..
Rivet Kit 1
Qty 100 - Multigrip Aluminium Rivets with Steel mandrels 4.0 x 10mm long c/w 4.1mm Stub Drill Bit..
Rivet Kit 2
Qty 100 - Multigrip Aluminium Rivets with Steel mandrels 4.0 x 13mm long , comes with a 4.1m..
PVC Duct Tape 50mm wide  x 20 metre Roll
Excellant for sealing internal ductwork.PVC Duct Tape 50mm wide  x 20 metre Roll Soft tape m..
Tectape XT 50mm x 25 metre roll
Tectape XT is a high performance tape sealing system which combines the best features of both ..
Cox EasiFlow HD  Sealant  Gun
Specifically designed for accasional use by the professional, these cartridge applicators are bult t..
Tecseal 100 FR  Sealant  Single Cartridge 380cc Each
Tecseal is a  high velocity/high pressure sealant formulated from a neoprene rubber compund.In ..
Eye Bolts 8mm Dia x 70mm - Thread 30mm Long  c/w 8mm Lock nuts ( per pair)
Closed- Eyes for ultimate strength , Ideal for suspending services with the Loop end fixing and spli..
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