The Ardesia Dust Table is a top of the range down draft extraction and filter table. The bench is designed to control the light airborne dust generated when hand sanding or denibbing components. The large working area makes and different sizes make it ideal for all types of manufacture where a clean environemnt is required. Air is drawn downwards through the perforated surface which reducing fine particles being inhaled by the operator. The air is is then double filtered by and returned at low level back to the workshop. 

The table is designed for industrial use and is manufactured with galvanized press-folded steel. The main feature of this bench is the filtration of dust through aluminized polyester antistatic cartridges. The superior feature of the bench is the cartidge cleaning system which uses compressed jets of air to maintain optimum air flow. As an option a timer can be fitted to automate the cleaning process. The dust is deposited in 2 removable trays. The exhaust air has a secondary acrylic fiber filter.

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Ardesia Down Draft Dust Extraction Table 2m
Technical Specifications:   Length 2000mm Motor Power 1.5kw 415v ..
Ardesia Down Draft Dust Extraction Table 2.5m
Technical Specifications : Length 2500mm Motor Power 2.2kw 415v Numbe..
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